Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Working Hard!

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I haven't set aside any time for blogging lately, because I have been busy...our new weekly chore system is working, but I am still training Leah and mostly Sam for their jobs, so that takes extra time.  Actually working a little bit every day to keep up with the housework takes time too, but the plan is working!

I am still doing Insanity and running.  I completed day 21 (or 22, I can't remember) of Insanity yesterday.  The workouts are getting more doable, but I am still somewhat tired because at least three times a week I am running and doing an Insanity workout in the same day.

All of my Sonlight books and a few other school books as well have arrived, and I have been busy sorting them by category.  Recently I cleared out several bookshelves in our den to make room for all of our Sonlight books.  I had previously kept the Sonlight books in various places all over the house (each core all together).  Since we do all of our reading in the den, it just made sense to me to shelve them all in there.  Of course doing that opened a huge can of worms!  I had to make room somewhere else in the house for all of the books I removed from the den bookshelves.  And then I decided that while I was sorting the books by core (I have books from 8 cores now), I would put colored stickers on the spine of each book.  Each core has its own color of sticker, and that way when my girls remove a book from the shelf to read (happens every day!), they can easily return them to the correct shelf.  My den looks like a real library!  I labeled each book with the letter of its core as well as its classification (RA= read aloud, R=reader, H=history).  I just wrote these letters on the stickers, stuck them on the spine, and then covered the sticker with a clear piece of tape to secure it.

I am still planning to post more about Sonlight.  Someone had asked me about doing more than one core at a time, and I wanted to share my thoughts about that.  

I hope you are having a productive week too!  Enjoy the work!


  1. I would love to see a picture of all that hard work. I LOVE a neat row of books...

  2. I'm so impressed with your organization! Love the system you are using to keep your Sonlight books organized! :)

  3. We're going to two cores next year. Measle is so excited to have her own core and in another year her little brother will be joining her. Then I'll have 2 big kids and 2 little kids doing separate, but hopefully coordinating cores.

    I just finished day 27 of Insanity, but have not been running lately. I can't believe you're doing both! I'll post an Insanity update tomorrow or the next day.