Sunday, May 8, 2011

Coke Classic 10K

Yesterday was the 30th annual Coke Classic 10K in Corinth.  Jimmy, Olivia, Julie, Clay, and I joined over 1200 other runners to run this fantastic 10K.  The weather was pleasantly cool!

Several of the Spartan families met us at Jimmy's parents' house to park and walk to the race start together.  That was a lot of fun!  I am guessing that there were close to fifty of us who visited with Granmomma and Pop early, early yesterday morning!

 Grace, Leah, and Silly Sam, getting ready to walk downtown for the race.

 Julie and her friend Lexie

Russ is one of these young, fit men who can just show up and run a 10K race without any training!

Jimmy's sister, Jenny, graciously agreed to watch Leah and Sam, plus she helped my friends Kim and Jimmy Killough watch Lynn's children who did not run (three of them) plus Kim's own two non-running children.  I think that's eight in all--counting Jenny's own child, Grace.  

 Sam, Jared, Avery, Leah, Grace, and Caroline
Patiently waiting for the big race to begin

 Clay, flying across the finish line!
Clay set a PR at this race--
He will be catching his daddy before we know it!

 Here is Clay admiring his Coke bottle trophy.  These trophies are so cool, and everyone really, really likes winning them.  Olivia, Julie, and Clay all have won a few of these over the years.  Jimmy and I have not!  
Until this year!

 Clay, second place in his age group

 Julie with her coke bottle!
2nd place in her age group

 Olivia with her coke bottle AND a huge trophy!
1st place in her age group, and she set a PR.

Our marathon Koach, Mr. Kenneth Williams, is the director of this popular race.

 Olivia with Koach

 Guess who won a coke bottle this year???
Jimmy ran a PR AND he won 5th place in his age group!
We are all so happy for him!

 Our family (minus Leah who had gone over to the Green Market with Aunt Jenny) with Koach

Well, I did NOT win a coke bottle!  But I did set a PR!  Yay!  I have checked off my final running goal that I set for myself about a year ago.  I wanted to run a 10K in under 55 minutes.  My previous PR for a 10K was 55:43, and I ran that at this Coke 10K two years ago.  Yesterday, thanks to my running buddy Dorothy--who is super encouraging and kept me right on pace the entire race!--I met my goal!


So now my goals are all checked off!  I do have one more tiny running goal!  I have modified my original marathon goal.  Previously I just wanted to complete a marathon and survive the training, but now I want to run one more marathon (Dec. 3), and finish in under 5 hours.

After the race and the awards presentation, we joined the Mims and Killough families plus Aunt Jenny at the Green Market in downtown Corinth.  This market features locals who sell handmade or homegrown items.  Megan and her sister had a booth there yesterday.  Very cute!

Then all of us walked back to Granmomma's and Pop's house and spent the whole day eating lots of good food, and also playing and visiting.  Later in the afternoon, Jenny organized a small "surprise" Mother's Day party for Megan.  

Here are some pictures of the boys playing outside.

It was a fabulous day spent with friends and family.


  1. Looks like you all had a great time and reached several goals. Once again, you inspire me to set personal goals as well as goals for my family and be dedicated to reaching those goals.
    Another question for you. Would you mind doing a post at some point explaining how you set your goals? For example, do you write down goals as well as steps you need to do to reach them? How do you stay motivated and dedicated?

  2. The Coke run goes right past our old house. Makes me smile to think back to when Sarah Anne was a toddler waving at all the runners as they went past our yard. :)