Friday, May 20, 2011

Gumtree 10K 2011

Last Saturday was the annual Gumtree 10K and 2K.  Our entire family (and many, many of our friends) participated in this fun race.  Jimmy, Olivia, Julie, and Clay ran the 10K, and Leah, Sam, and I ran the 2K.  While Lynn and Kelly and their son Parker ran the 10K, I kept up with their other children, Carson, Jared, and Avery, who also ran the 2K.

As with most races, some of my family members were pleased with their race times and others were a little bit disappointed.  But overall, they all had a great day!  This is such a fun race--a time to visit with lots of friends and family.  My parents came to watch and to help me watch Leah and Sam.  The weather was actually COLD, and so my parents also helped to keep Leah and Sam warm!

 Leah and Avery--running partners!

 Julie--she ran this race about 30 seconds faster than her previous week's 10K (the Coke 10K).  She was happy!  

 Clay ran about 30 seconds slower than the week before--he was a little bit disappointed--he had set a pretty high goal for himself.  But, he should be proud!  A 45:35 10K is awesome!
 Olivia was ok with her time.  She had a stomach ache, so she ran pretty well considering that!

Sam with his "race packet".  This was the highlight of running the 2K for Sam--getting a race packet.  We gave him his race packet after the race.  He promptly took his race t-shirt out and put it on!  He as proud to have completed the race.  He told his sister, "I know it's called a Fun Run.  It is a run, but it's not all fun! 

Congratulations to Jimmy who set a PR in a 10K.  He completed the race in under 44 minutes.  I am going to have to check on everyone's official race time, and then I will put them all in the sidebar under race results.

Fun race, fun day!

Next race:  the Frog Level 5K (Leah and me) and the Gibson Guitar 5K (Jimmy, Olivia, Julie, and Clay).  These races are on the same day, but in different cities and at different times.  Our whole family will be attending both!

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