Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Mother's Day

My children made sure that my Mother's Day was fantastic!  They worked hard preparing handmade gifts for me (I'll treasure them always!), and then they gave me the gift of an afternoon of relaxation.  They all worked together to clean the kitchen and tidy up the house while I sat by our pool and read.  All afternoon.  It really was a delightful day!

 Sam gave me a piece of sanded cedar.  He said that I could carve something in it to decorate it.  He also drew a picture of me.

 Olivia crocheted me a bouquet of flowers.  So pretty!  She also made me a beautiful card that will double as a bookmark.

 Clay whittled me two butter knives of cedar from our woods.  He made me a pretty card too.

 Leah made me a notebook, and she sewed me a pocket that she filled with candy.

Julie made me a beautiful card and painted a lovely canvas.  

I have the very best children!  They are so thoughtful, generous, hard-working, loving, and kind.  They truly make my job as a mother a joy.  I cannot imagine having any other full-time job than the one that I am blessed to have--a full time wife and mother.  


  1. You're doing such a great job with them!


  2. What a wonderful Mother's Day! I think it was so thoughtful for them to put time into making special gifts for you. Those are the gifts you will treasure forever!

  3. Sweet gifts from your sweet kids. They are blessed to have you for their mama!