Thursday, May 12, 2011

Insanity Day 15

Today was Pure Cardio, and it was Pure Torture!

Actually, it is getting a little bit easier to keep up with Shaun T. and his crew.  I did the entire warm up sequence, all three sets, without stopping once.  Now that's progress!  I am also experiencing greater flexibility, and I cannot believe how much I sweat while doing these workouts.  I have two fans blowing on me constantly, yet still I am dripping, soaking wet.

I am still experimenting with scheduling both Insanity workouts and running.  This week my plan is/was to do Insanity on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday, while running on Monday (4), Wednesday (8), and Friday (4).  Tomorrow I may run and do the Cardio Abs workout from Insanity.

I am going to skip the Fit Test from now on.  I did it again on Sunday, and it made me feel really bad again.  I improved my numbers in all of the drills, but I had some pretty severe knee pain from one of the exercises (an exercise that I did today, pain free--power jacks).  I think that the warm-up in the Fit Test workout is not enough for me, and also there is too much rest time in between each drill (2 minutes).  It is my opinion that the drills are too intense to be done after a 2 minute break--for me, my muscles are just not staying warmed up enough.  Who knows?  But I do know that both times after doing the Fit Test, I felt terrible.    The Fit Test exercises are ones that you do on other days during the regular workouts, so I think that once very two weeks I will just count how many I do in a minute when we do that drill in the middle of a workout.  I can chart my progress that way.

Here are a couple of quotes from Shaun T. during this morning's workout.

"I am really nervous about the workout we are getting ready to do.  Really nervous!"
He said this at the end of the stretching after the warm-up--very encouraging!

"I am so tired that I can't think of the name of my exercises!"
He said this toward the end of the workout, when he was fumbling for the name of scissor kicks.

My friend Celee is also doing Insanity.  She started after me and has already completed Day 16!  She is pretty much doing it 6 days a week like the program intends for you to do.  It is nice to have a friend (even a far-away friend) to share your workout experience with.


  1. My knees were bothering me yesterday, too. I think my salvation is not going too low in the squats. I'm getting better at staying up with him, too. Yesterday I did the plyometric workout, the most difficult for me. I actually kept up until the second time through the level 1 to ski abs to in and outs. I can get all the way through level one even the third time through, but I die sometime during ski abs or in and outs and have to stop a second. My favorite workout is cardio power and resistance and pure cardio is tough, too. Keep it up! I'm glad we're not doing this alone : ).


  2. Way to go Roan! What an accomplishment. Do you work out first thing in the morning or later in the day?
    My son is doing P90X and I tried it ONCE. I almost died. But, I am not going to give up. I need to lose weight so I am doing the treadmill, weights, and The Firm. Once I lose some of the extra pounds I think I can move on to harder programs. Is Insanity similar to P90X?