Thursday, May 5, 2011

Insanity Update

Well, I have survived 12 days of Insanity!  In fact I did 6 days in a row!  I have really surprised myself.  It actually has gotten easier each day.  I still can't keep up with Shaun T. for the entire workout, and my stomach doesn't look like his....but I can tell that I am getting stronger.  I can now do the first full rotation of each set of three, most of the second set, and I am still hanging on (sometimes barely) for the third set.  At first, I couldn't even stay with him for the first set.

I am resting from Insanity until Monday.  I am running a 10K race on Saturday, and I really want to have a good time.  My PR for a 10K is 55:43 (two years ago), and I would really like to beat that.  We'll see.  Many of our Spartan runners and their parents are running this race, plus some of Jimmy's cousins, and I think his brother, so it will be a fun day!

Whatever your fitness goals are--persevere!


  1. Go you!! Insanity is the one I haven't tried. Looks as tough as Turbo Fire though! Good Luck with the race!

  2. Hey Roan, I did day 10 tonight- so far straight through. I have a similar experience. I'm just now able to hang with them the first two sets- except I can never do all those level one drills followed by the ski abs or whatever that's called then the in and outs. That's the killer rotation for me! I don't even know how they stay in plank position that long! I feel stronger, too. I think I have more spring in my step : ). I'm really loving Insanity so thanks again for recommending it.

    Good luck with your run this weekend!