Saturday, May 14, 2011

Leah's Keepers at Home Awards

 This precious cake was made by one of the mothers.

Last Monday night we all (except for Jimmy who was on call) attended the annual Keepers At Home Awards Night.  Leah is my only daughter who participates in Keepers now, but it is my ninth year participating (Olivia and Julie did this for many, many years).  I feel like I am the oldest mother there!

Each year at our final meeting, the Keepers invite their entire family to enjoy a potluck meal and awards presentations.  The girls are awarded pins for completing the requirements for various homemaking tasks.  The pins Leah earned are:

  • Bible Memory, general (learning one verse a week)
  • Bible Memory, the Books of the Bible
  • generosity
  • lapbooking
  • beading
  • hospitality
  • art
  • letter writing

 Lilly Grace, Leah, and Avery

Each mother presents the pins to her daughter.

I have really enjoyed the years I have spent with my daughters in Keepers at Home.  It is such a positive and practical organization.  I am looking forward to taking Leah to Keepers meetings as well as work on earning pins at home for many more years.


  1. You must be very proud of all she has accomplished this year. I think it is great that you do a celebration at the end of the year.

    Our homeschool co-op did some of the activities from the Keepers of the Home book and everyone really enjoyed it. Now that Hope is old enough to do this I would like to start a group in our area. I would love to hear more about how your Keepers' meetings work.

  2. I miss the fellowship at Keepers! Leah worked hard! Tell her congratulations! Who did the cake?

  3. We have enjoyed beeing in Keepers with you and Leah this year!

  4. You're such a good mom. I'm not so great at all the domestic stuff. I'm working on it, though. I would probably benefit greatly from such an organization!

    Yes, I've read One Thousand Gifts. I loved it and I'm trying to live more "in the moment". I'm really bad at that. I'm always planning, planning, planning for the future and miss a lot of what's going on around me right now! Great book. You'll love both Organized Simplicity and Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. Battle Hymn is really funny. I didn't mention that in my review, but she's a talented and humerous writer.