Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What's The Rush?

That's what I have been asking myself lately.

I begin my day rushing to run before Sam wakes up.
I rush to read/study my Bible and pray before Curious George goes off (what Sam watches during this time)
I rush to shower/dress before it's time to wake up the older children.
I rush them through chores and breakfast so we can start school.
I rush through lunch......doing laundry all the while.
I rush to get everyone ready to attend piano lessons, art lessons, xc practice.
I rush to get everyone ready for church services 3 times a week.
I rush to cook supper, serve it, and clean up after it.
I rush to get everyone bathed, read to, and ready for bed.....so we can do it all again tomorrow!

Rush! Rush! Rush!

Recently I have discussed this very topic with a few friends. One mom said that she is so overwhelmed by everything. Another stated that her children asked her why she never smiled! I frequently get overwhelmed by it all myself.

But I don't want to live this way.
And we don't have to!

If I take the focus off SELF, and instead focus on serving GOD, my perspective, my attitude, my to do list even, will be totally different. I need to stop striving to check off everything on my list (for personal satisfaction), and instead focus on serving others.

When I feel stressed, and I am rushing around do all of those things listed above, I am trying to stop.....and to remember to take the focus off of myself, my stress, my list, and instead choose to serve the precious children around me. Serve them with kind words, a soft voice, gentle reminders, and a smile instead of barking commands and rushing around.

I think there are some practical ways that we as wives and mothers can streamline our lives, leaving time for what is truly important.
  • spend time in Bible study and prayer every single day
  • cultivate an attitude of thankfulness. We have so much to be thankful for! In every stressful situation, in every overwhelming task, there is something to be thankful for. Thank God for His blessings!
  • Make a Leave the House Checklist for those items you need to pack/do before leaving for a certain activity. I plan to make a list for xc practice, church services, piano lessons. An older child can help you pack and prepare to leave if you have a list to show him what to do.
  • Create a routine for all of your regular chores. Anything that you do the same way everyday saves you time and stress. You can just go through the motions, not having to decide what to do or when to do it. I plan to write a few posts in the near future about some our our household routines.

Philippians 4:4-6 :Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace that transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.


  1. Roan! You are just so precious gal! Thanks for sharing this great advice and encouragement!
    I love your honesty, and your joyful heart that gives God the glory!! I end up rushing because I don't plan my time as well as I should and that is one of the things I want to address with you. I'm doing better, but still need lots of improvement! I'll get back with ya soon!
    Love and hugs,

  2. 'forget to smile'. Exactly... thanks for this reminder. Have a super week.

  3. Yes, exactly. My parents were rushers. Sometimes my hubby can be a rusher. Sometimes I can also. BUT I'm learning as I get older to slow down and enjoy life!! Great post!

  4. Loved and needed this post! I am going to take it slower today and smile a lot!!!

  5. So, is it weird that I teared up reading this? :) Thanks for everything you do! You are such an example of service to others!

  6. This is sooo me! Thanks for sharing. I am constantly reminding myself to slow down and then asking myself where the day went!

  7. Love this post! Very encouraging!

    Years ago, as I was rushing the kids into the van to get to a lesson, Logan asked, "Momma, are we in a hurry." I looked at him and said, "Yes! We're always in a hurry so you never have to ask that question again!" I had too many things on my plate - things I had put there, not God.
    First, I learned to say, "No." Just because no one else will do it, doesn't mean you should. Maybe there was someone else God has for this task, who just hadn't been asked yet. Are we keeping others from serving by always saying yes. I have found that you are asked to do more things just because it is easier to ask someone who usually says yes. I am guilty of the same thing- Oh, I'll ask her she always says yes! Easier!
    Also, there are just times when things have "run their course." God has something better, if we'll just not look at things with a "but we've always done that" attitude. This does not mean don't contribute! If you and/or your family are "taking" from a program/group/whatever, then "give back." Just go to God for guidance as to how He would have you serve.
    We also down-sized our outside activities, lessons, duties, etc. Things became so much more calm, and I have really enjoyed the last few years with my kids so much more.
    Have I learned my lesson? No, I've ended up with the fullest plate I've had in a while this year. Some things just take repeat lessons! :)
    Thanks again, Roan!!

  8. Advice I need to take to heart! I'm very type A and also tend to rush, rush, rush myself and my kids. I joke (sort of) that when my boys are at the Air Force Academy (see, I've already planned their futures and they're 10 and 3)they won't think it rigid, at all. I left Bible study the other day with my 5 kids in tow and prided myself that all 5 of us were loaded up and out of there while my friend was still getting her 1 kid in the car. My husband has to remind me sometimes to slow down and sit down for a minute. I'm not good at this, but you're right I need to take the time to make sure there's a smile on my face. I don't want to be the family drill sargent even though I hear myself shouting things like, "move out" or "load up". Thanks for the encouragement!