Friday, October 9, 2009

Corinth Rotary 5K

Last Saturday morning, the Spartans ran in the Corinth Rotary Club 5K. It was the perfect morning for a race--the weather was sunny and cool. Our children had so much fun, and they all ran well too! In fact, the green shirts were awarded many trophies!

Clay in action!
Run, Clay, Run!

Granmomma came to watch the race.

Julie with me and Sam--smelling my hair!

Jimmy and Sam (who did not want his picture taken!)

The "trophies" for this race were unique---they were actual running shoes with an engraved medallion tied on the shoelaces. So cute! Julie was the overall female winner, Olivia won 2nd in her age group, and Clay won 1st in his age group. Jimmy and I just watched this race and cheered everyone on!

Olivia with her shoe

Julie with her shoe

Clay with his shoe

This 5K was very well organized! The race shirts were technical, the race was chip timed, and the race announcer was excellent! We all had a fabulous time!


  1. YAY for all of your runners!! Sure do love those trophies!! I know they must have thought they were cool, too!!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Roan! You're such a sweetie! And you look like one of the kids!! :o)

  2. Every time I look at your blog, it's a different color! :)

  3. Our CC season is over for the year. Congratulations on another great race.

    I gave you a blog award today.

    Thanks Roan!

  4. What fun-- so glad your always up & running! Thanks for sharing! Have a blessed weekend- Laura