Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Straight Teeth and Lost Teeth

Yesterday Olivia got her braces off! She had worn them only one year, but the orthodontist said that she was ready! Here is a picture I took of her before we went to the orthodontist.

After--at the orthodontist office
We had to go back several hours later for Olivia to pick up her new retainers. They are clear, and she must wear them 24 hours a day for 3 months! She is not too happy about this. The retainers have made her teeth very sore!
Olivia took this picture of herself to show her new clear retainers

Last week, Leah lost her second baby tooth! It had been only 2 weeks since she lost her first tooth. Losing this tooth was as uneventful as losing the first one. I was waiting in Sam's bed, ready to read bedtime stories to Leah and Sam, when Leah came in the room and calmly announced that she pulled her tooth! The tooth fairy visited again, and this time she gave Leah a paper dollar. Very exciting!

Can you see the missing teeth?

Now you can really see them!


  1. Between Leah and Russ I don't know who looks the best with those missing teeth!! Ha! Olivia looks beautiful...and older!!

  2. Just like I said, Olivia looks even more beautiful than before!
    Isn't it neat to have such a variety of milestones going on at the same time with the children!?

    Did I miss something? Did Russ lose a tooth?!



  4. Olivia is such a natural beauty and her smile is so radiant!! And Leah...just too cute!!

    Have a joyful Friday, gal. I'll be contacting you soon!!
    Love and hugs,

  5. Please tell Olivia and Leah that they both look beautiful!! Both of mine have their braces off now, and I still make the just smile for me every once in a while - just so I get my money's worth out of those beautiful teeth! :)
    I hope you guys are all well!!
    Love to all!!

  6. Olivia looks so beautiful, and Leah is as cute as a button! I follow your blog regularly! I love to learn from you and get ideas from you. I have 4 boys ages 6,4,2, and 1. I love to read aloud to my oldest two. I know you are busy and probably get a lot of questions, but if you have time, I'd love a recommendation on books to read aloud to them (Chapter books). Thanks!

  7. How exciting! We haven't lost any teeth around here yet! and Olivia must be thrilled- what a precious smile.