Friday, August 15, 2008

My Bible Study Binder

I recently created a new binder for my Bible study notes and materials. I love the idea that my sister-in-law gave me this summer for laminating paper to use for dividers in binders instead of the traditional tabbed dividers. My Bible study materials were not very organized, so I went to work. I used pretty colored paper for my binder cover and dividers. I printed the name of each section on the paper before laminating. These are the sections I have:
Thankfulness: Each day I list 5 things I am thankful for. I have been doing this for 12 years, and I love to go back and read my entries. It serves as a journal.
Bible Study Notes: Each day I read a chapter from the Bible and record key verses, thoughts, personal applications, etc. If I am studying from a particular book for my Ladies' Bible Class or own my on, I would include my answers to questions from the book in this section also.
Prayers: I have a page for my husband and each child, myself, and then a page for ongoing prayer requests, and a page for short term prayer requests. I simply list on each page what I am currently praying for. I sometimes include Bible verses, especially on the pages for my family and me. I keep paper beside the computer to jot down prayer requests I receive online so I won't forget to list them on my prayer page.
Mom's Corners: I have many, many of these printed out. They are very inspirational. I like to reread one each day.
General Bible Studies and Articles: These are various things I have printed out from emails or the internet. I like to reread and study these too. They are also encouraging.
Ladies' Bible Class Notes: These are my notes for our monthly ladies' Bible class at my church.
Marking Your Bibles: This is a new section. I have printed out instructions for underlining and outlining various Bible verses to use to teach someone else about God and His wonderful plan for salvation. I am just beginning to use this.


  1. Hey Roan!
    I am currently reading Created to Be His Help Meet and Feminine Appeal.
    I was wondering if you had read Feminine Appeal?
    I am enjoying them both and I am trying to decide which one I want to read more- but i need to choose! :)

  2. The Bible Binder idea is wonderful! I am not nearly that organized, unfortunately with studies. I am currently studying the Book of Isaiah. Have a great weekend!

  3. I have heard great things about Feminine Appeal too. That may be my next study.

  4. Roan,
    I can't wait to try this with my Bible study materials. We are about to start a new ladies class, so this will motivate me to get my things organized.

  5. I know this is an old post of yours, but I just read it. Thank you! I am putting my own binder together today!

  6. do you still have a link for your instructions for marking your bible? thank you for th idea of putting a binder together!