Sunday, August 31, 2008

Children's Mansion 5K

I ran in the Children's Mansion 5K yesterday, here in Tupelo. Jimmy and the children did not participate because they are running tomorrow in the Chick-Fil-A 5K in Memphis. The Chick-Fil-A race states that no strollers are allowed, so I did not sign up. However, last year there were several people pushing strollers in the race. So I plan to ask them tomorrow if I can start in the back, out of the way of the serious runners, and walk/run the race too. Anyway, yesterday's race course was tough! Full of hills---over and over again! I was very pleased with my time, 29:15. The older children ran a 2K during my 5K, but it was not very organized. There was confusion about the length of the course.....anyway, they exercised and had fun.


  1. Hello from the TCM Mansion 5K! I am so thankful for you and your family participating in the Mansion 5K! It was so exciting having all of the wonderful people at our 55th Anniversary Celebration.

    I would personally like to apologize for the hills that kept coming and coming! This was all new to us. We have talked many times since the race with different runners and leaders in the running community and we all agree...a new course MUST be developed. This was our first year and first time to ever attempt an event of this kind. We had amazing support and help but yet we still have plenty of room for growth and we are continually learning.

    From our outside support teams, we really never received all of the necessary understanding on facilitating the 2K hence the disorganized feel to it! I truly apologize for that as well. The 2k has been tweaked.

    We have been critiquing the race with several powerful running influences. We have already begun to look for a new route. We have made notes upon notes and several people have been really helpful with wisdom and insight. So...with all that said---the Mansion 5K is being worked on and worked out. Be assured that your next encounter with the Mansion 5k will be better, smoother and much more organized. I am also going to watch other area races to glean from the years of knowledge these organizations are able to offer. Your comments have been very helpful and we hope and pray that you will give us another chance in the future. God bless you!

    Burton Gaar
    Director of Special Projects

  2. Dear Roan,
    I've never blogged before so I'm hoping this gets to you. This is Sheri Cobb, Danielle's mom and Danielle has been asking me to check her time on the mansion 5k and I came across your page. (which is very cool!) I talked with Julie and Olivia at the Mansion 5k and told them we homeschool too. I'd love to get together with the kids. You can email me at or give me a call 365-8648. I also noticed you're reading Karen Kingsbury. She's one of my favorites. Looking forward to talking to you soon.