Friday, August 1, 2008

Scavenger Hunt

Today we had our annual back to school scavenger hunt. On the Friday before we begin a new school year I plan a scavenger hunt for the children. I make 4 clues for each child, with each clue taking them to a different part of the house. In the last location they find a surprise! The surprise is something new for the school year. In the past I have given them a box of basic school supplies, new lunch boxes (for field trips and park days), or some fun art supplies. This year the older 3 received a set of special markers and erasable colored pencils. Leah got pip squeak markers and Sam got two boxes of kindergarten crayons.

waiting to begin the hunt!

Can someone read my clue?

This is fun!

Is it in here?

Will I ever find this clue?

I know exactly where to look!

After the hunt we eat complete our chores and eat breakfast. Next I sit with each child individually and preview their schoolwork for the year. I show them their checklists, communicate my expectations for their work and behavior, and introduce any new procedures or curriculum. Now on Monday we are ready for a full school day! I think I am more excited than any of them!


  1. Love it! I know ya'll had so much fun!!

  2. What a fun day! Neat idea! I can't wait to read about your first day.