Monday, October 26, 2009

A Day With the Girls

Today marked the first day of our Fall Break. We take a fall break from school each year, and Jimmy takes this week off from work too. This year we are not traveling anywhere too far. We plan to spend the rest of the week catching up on errands, household chores, and home repairs. Jimmy also has to finish studying for his upcoming board exams.
This morning Jimmy took the boys to the Memphis Zoo, to Target, and then on to visit his parents--who had a tree fall on their century old home last Thursday night. Jimmy had not had an earlier chance to survey the damage.
While the boys were gone, the girls and I shopped! About twice a year I take Olivia and Julie (and sometimes Leah too) shopping for clothes and shoes. I can still buy things for Clay, Leah, and Sam without them trying them on, but Olivia and Julie are at the age that they really need to try clothes on before we purchase them. Plus, shopping without bored boys can really be fun! We shopped, ate a late lunch, and then I took Olivia and Julie to their piano lesson. During the lesson, Leah and I went back to the mall. After picking up the older girls, we all went to cross country practice. Leah played on the playground while we all ran. I really enjoyed running outside today. After practice, we went back to the mall to finish our shopping. We finally finished up around 7:30 and came home to delicious smelling soup that I had left in the crock-pot.
The boys arrived home about an hour after we did. I asked Sam what he saw at the zoo. He replied, "I didn't see any snakes. I saw a lion eating a pumpkin!"
It was a fun but tiring day!

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  1. Sounds like a fun day! Our Fall Break isn't until Thanksgiving week, but OH how I'm counting down!!!