Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tupelo Invitational 5K

Yesterday we began our day by participating in the Tupelo Invitational 5K. Jimmy, Olivia, Julie, and I ran. (Clay was on a homeschool Father/Son Campout with my daddy.) The temperature at the beginning of the race was 38 degrees! It was cold!! My mother was here to help me with Leah and Sam while we ran, and they stayed inside the car most of the time. This 5K race was held on the Tupelo XC course, and Tupelo High School was holding a XC meet as soon as the 5K was over. I really don't like trail running, but I decided to do this anyway. I needed to get a few more miles in this week, and this was a fun way to do it. Our homeschool cross country team, the Spartans, all participated too.

Cold Spartan girls after the race

Cold Spartan mothers after the race

Anna Beth, Amy, Kim, and Karen, trying not freeze while awaiting the awards ceremony

more cold Spartan girls--that's Olivia wrapped up in the bright green and blue blanket

Even more cold Spartans!

Some of the Spartans with their Tshirts--Tshirts were awarded to the overall female and male winners, and also to the top 3 finishers in each age group. In the 10 and under male and female groups, all 3 winners were Spartans! Julie won 1st in the 11-19 female. Spartan Catherine was 3rd in the 11-19, and Danielle was overall female winner. Spartan Zac won 3rd in the 11-19 male age group. I won a Tshirt too--3rd place in the female ages 40-49!

To warm up after the race, Jimmy took all of us plus my mother and Spartan Catherine to Cracker Barrel for brunch. Yummy!

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