Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Jimmy!

Leah, Jimmy, and Sam
Wednesday was Jimmy's birthday! We had a super day! After Jimmy's morning run, our family gave him all of his presents. Leah and Sam helped him open them. Sam was very excited about his gift to Jimmy (headphones to block out the sound while he is mowing), and I was surprised that he did not reveal the what the gift was before Jimmy opened it.
We enjoyed a leisurely morning, and then Jimmy actually had to work that afternoon. For supper we had lasagna, salad, bread, and banana pudding, and we were joined by our preacher and his wife and our visiting preacher too. Our church is having a gospel meeting this week, and Wednesday was our night to "feed the preacher".
I think Jimmy had a great day! We had so much fun celebrating with him!


  1. Happy Birthday, Jimmy! Glad ya'll have had a great week! Don't let me forget to give ya'll the gift when you come in town!