Saturday, October 17, 2009

Homeschool Camp

Last Thursday and Friday, Lynn and I and our 9 children attended a Homeschool Camp. A nearby homeschool group holds this annual two day/one night camp at a facility called Rustic Youth Camp. There is a reason that it is called rustic! When we were registering for the camp, I remember someone vaguely mentioning that some people stay overnight in a hotel, but I told Lynn that it would be much more fun to stay in the bunkhouse! We wouldn't want to miss any fun! Well, we experienced this wonderful rustic camp to the fullest, and if we attend next year, we are certainly making hotel reservations!

All kidding aside, my children and I had a wonderful time! The campout was so well organized. I could tell that the mothers had spent many, many hours planning and preparing. The camp's theme was science, and the children were divided into age groups for an afternoon of 5 science classes. I had children in 4 different classes. I spent all of my time with Sam and his class, where the theme was the five senses. Sam had so much fun smelling, tasting, listening, touching, and seeing various items.

After a delicious potluck hotdog supper, we had a time of fellowship complete with singing and exhortation. Then it was upstairs to the bunkhouse for sleeping! The boys slept in a separate bunkhouse. Clay and his friends were asleep by 10:00, but were up and playing outside shortly after 6:00 AM.

Here are some highlights of the fun-filled two days.

Clay, John Parker, Carson, and Jared waiting for lunch

Clay and Julie in one of their science classes

Sam playing on the playground

Silly Sam on the swing!

Sam's class painted pumpkins on a shirt using an apple. Sam painted his shirt pretty much by himself.

Playing in homemade shaving cream--Did you know that you can mix shampoo and water and mix it with a beater, and it turns into shaving cream? We used strawberry and tangerine scented shampoo.

in line for supper

Julie made a new friend

and so did Olivia!

Sam was super excited about sleeping in a bunk bed--especially since he got to sleep on the top bunk! I chose a corner bed, and put Sam on the side by the wall. I slept with him to keep him from falling out! (Plus he likes to smell my hair all night!)

Avery and Leah slept on top bunks too!

Here is a partial view of the sleeping quarters.
On Friday morning after breakfast the children completed various crafts. Olivia, Julie, and Clay carved pumpkins. They thoroughly enjoyed doing this!
Sam making a spider out of pipe cleaners and a blow-pop

the finished product

Leah making a yarn pumpkin

a finished apple and pumpkin

Julie carving her pumpkin

Clay displaying his finished pumpkin

and Olivia with hers

One special treat was meeting a fellow blogger in person! Dawn from Catch Me If You Can is a member of the homeschool group that holds the camp each year. Lynn and I were delighted to meet Dawn! Dawn has visited this camp many times, and she knew to stay in a hotel! The picture below was taken on Friday morning---after our restful night in the bunkhouse! Dawn is all refreshed, complete with fixed hair and make-up. Lynn and I are sporting the natural look, complete with no shower and un-fixed hair!

Lynn, Dawn, Me
This camp proved to be a fabulous experience for both my children and me. I loved meeting and visiting with the other Christian ladies, and the children enjoyed making new friends too.


  1. You go a ton of great pictures! I did love my nice bed and warm shower! It was so great to meet you, Lynn, and all of your precious children!

  2. Happee Sunday Roan! This sure does look like a fun time for everyone!! Did you feel like one of the kids? I loved going to our ladie's retreats because they are held at the same camp my kids went to. Something about a "dorm" room with bunkbeds brings out the kids in us!!

    Have a sunny, joyfilled day!

  3. Looks like fun! I know the kids were loving it all! Glad you decided to keep blogging! Ha!

  4. Roan- this camp sounded great! How fun, we enjoyed cubscout camping this weekend, some activities, while getting to know other families involved. Tent camping... :) the upside-- @ 2:30 am when I needed to go to the restroom... I got to see the stars in all their glory! It was amazing- How wonderful is our God & how special to be with our kiddos at camp! Looks like ya'll had a ball!
    btw, love the layout! I have been thinking about changing mine for a while, so if I do, know it's already been in the works, -- I love this background!

  5. Hi Roan. I love the yarn pumpkin and apple. I looked up how to make them online. I'm hoping our co-op little kids' class can make them next week.