Sunday, October 25, 2009

Recent Spartan Fun!


The last several days have been full of Spartan fun! Thursday's xc practice included shaving cream games! After a 30 minute run, the runners played freeze tag using shaving cream as the "tag", and then ended the fun with a shaving cream "free for all".
I cleaned the children up the best I could before letting them get into my van!


The Team!

Early Saturday morning, Olivia, Julie, and Clay ran our local Race For the Cure 5K. They all ran well! Their times are in the sidebar under race results. Julie won 2nd overall female, and Olivia won 1st place in her age group.

Olivia and fellow Spartan Ashley with their plaques

Julie with her plaque

After the race we hurried home to prepare for the arrival of the Spartan team and their families--we hosted a cookout for them. Kelly graciously cooked around 80 hamburgers and 100 hotdogs.

Thanks Kelly!

The children and all of their teammates, siblings, and friends had a grand time running all over the place! They played in the barn, in the backyard, in the woods, and on the driveway. There were people everywhere! I estimated about 125 guests!

Spartans lined up for lunch!

When the food was all ready, we lined up the children. They came in the front door of my kitchen, fixed their plates, and then went out the back door for drinks. They all ate in the backyard. It was quite a sight!

My sweet friends Kim and Lynn helped me clean up! Kim vacuumed tons of dirt! It took her over 30 minutes! Lynn unloaded my dishwasher, cleaned up the kitchen, and washed a sinkful of dirty dishes (after filling the dishwasher with dirty dishes.) Another friend (I am not sure who) collected many bags of trash and took them out too. Thanks to all of my sweet, helpful friends! After we got the bulk of the cleaning done, some of the remaining moms and I sat on my back porch, drank real cokes, and finished off two large zip-lock bags of homemade chocolate chip cookies.

What a fun day!

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  1. We had a great time! Thanks to you and Jimmy graciously hosting this event!