Monday, October 12, 2009

MC Cross Country Meet

Another Saturday, another muddy cross country meet!
At least it didn't rain during the meet.....just for days before! The course was extremely muddy, and the parking was basically one big muddy field! Several school buses got stuck!
In spite of the weather conditions, the Spartans had great fun and ran a super race! We had three Spartan girls finish in the top 11 (#5, #6, and #11)! Around 50 schools competed with about 100+ runners in each race. The varsity boys ran well too!

the varsity boys with Coach Heather

Coach Heather and the varsity girls team

the varsity boys and girls

Danielle and Julie warming up

Catherine, Olivia, Julie, Mary, Emilee, Danielle, and Courtney

Varsity Girls Team

last minute coaching before the race

Uncle Russ and Aunt Megan came to cheer us on!
My parents came too, and as usual, it was so nice having the extra help with Leah and Sam!

McCain and Clay---they managed to get just as muddy as the runners!

What did the girls do while waiting before and after their race????



  1. Crochet? I guess it gets their minds off of what's coming and relaxes them! Great shots. Seems like you all had a great time!

  2. How fun, I ran Cross Country at Choctaw Trails when I was in high school and for some reason it always seemed muddy then too! Brought back lots of memories!