Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Finally! AFTER Pictures!

I began the task of moving Sam and Clay into a room together last May. You can read all about this transition here.

I ordered two sets of denim comforters and bedskirts for their beds last June. I finally got them in last week! Yes, it took that long for me to receive them! First they were backordered, then unavailable.....they were looking for a new supplier....then available but backordered again, and then finally---available and shipped to me! Yay! Throughout this waiting time I kept my eye out for other demin comforters, but I never found anything else that I liked that was similarly priced. As a result of all of that waiting the company gave me a 15% discount and free shipping.

I still need a few more pictures on the wall, but besides that, the room is complete!


  1. Hey Roan, It's Shawna. I need some home school advice. I am planning on homeschooling Carson this next year. He is in Calvary Kindergarten this year but b/c of his late birthday and being a boy, we are going to repeat kindergarten. I think I've chosen all my books/subjects but am having trouble with math. What do you recommend for kindergarten/first grade? I've heard lots about sinapore and horizon. Thanks!!!

  2. The room looks great! I love how much space you have to work with, and the hardwood floors!

    My two boys (ages 2 1/2 and almost 12!)share a room too. We usually let Christian, the 11 year old, sleep downstairs if he wants to, so that he can read, etc., and not have to worry about waking Carson up. I wish we had another room, but for now, since we don't, this does the trick!

    My 15 year old daughter is running her first ever 5K on Saturday! It is a trail run, so I am kind of nervous...that seems like it will be harder, but she isn't nervous! :)

    Any pointers?

  3. Oh, wow! I haven't been in that room since you turned it into the boys' bedroom, so I never even saw its transitional phase. It looks fantastic!

  4. What a great room!! Love the built in's!!!

  5. It looks great! So glad those bedspreads FINALLY came in!