Thursday, April 30, 2009

Funny Sam

As you know, we spent last weekend in Nashville, and both nights we stayed in a hotel. Small children (and large children too!) are fascinated and easily entertained in a hotel! Riding the elevator and pushing its buttons top the list of hotel fun. Sam and Leah patiently (no reluctantly!) took turns being the "button pusher" throughout the weekend.
Last night after church we had to take Jimmy by the hospital to check on a patient. As we approached the parking garage, Sam excitedly yelled, "I see a hotel! Can we stay in it?" Jimmy told him that it was not actually a hotel, and no we could not stay in a hotel tonight. We were going to our own house. Sam replied, "Please can we stay in a hotel?" Jimmy told him that it costs a lot of money to stay in a hotel and asked him if he had any money?......Sam very calmly stated, "You don't need money to stay in a hotel, you just push a button!" We all just laughed and laughed!

Recently when I was hugging Sam and kissing him all over his sweet little face, I pointed out that he had such pretty lips. Sam looked at me and said, "I don't have lips. Only girls have lips!" I realized that he was confusing lips with lipstick. So I touched his lips and told him that those were his lips. That everyone had lips.......he responded, "No, that is my chin!" So then I touched his chin and said, "This is your chin, and these are your lips." Next, he touched his chin and said, "This in not my chin.....this is my beak! Ha! Ha! Ha! We have been laughing about Sam's beak all week long!


  1. What a cute story!! Kids just say such fun things sometimes!!

    Hope you're having a joyful Thursday, Roan!!


  2. So boys have beaks?? Very funny and yes it's fun to be the elevator button pusher. My son is always doing that!!