Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Storage Room

I finally did it!!! I cleaned out the dreaded storage room yesterday! Last weekend, when my mother was here she needed to use the sewing machine (she was fixing a curtain for our playroom), and I was appalled that she had to go in the storage room. You literally couldn't see the floor. I was afraid that she would fall! Since this room had gotten so messy, we had just started throwing things in there instead of taking the time to put each item in its correct place.

Here are some before pictures.

This is my gift wrapping and scrapbooking table. The scrapbooking supplies are stored behind this table. The wrapping paper is to the right. The ribbon is stored across the room.

Here is a pile of junk!

A view of stuff just thrown in the floor. I had cleaned out the children's closets earlier this year and just put the bags and boxes of give away stuff in the floor.

Another view of piled up stuff.

As you can see, you can't really get to the I had been going through the hand me downs, and I had gotten distracted before finishing the job.

Now for the after pictures!

The table is cleared and ready for working. The scrapbooking supplies are all neatly organized and stored.

A view of the empty floor.

Now you can get to the ribbon! I still need to paint a square with chalkboard paint on the front of these storage boxes. The labels with numbers are falling off. I have a master list with the number of each box and its contents hanging on the side of the shelf.

The sewing and computer corner

Shelves of miscellaneous items...mostly kitchen and food serving type things...items I use coolers, seasonal items, lunch boxes, ice buckets, etc.

A view of the "junk pile"---now you can see the floor and actually walk around!

All of this actually only took about 3 hours. I am so happy with the results. I just want to keep walking down there and look at it!

Please visit OrgJunkie for more cabinet and closet makeovers.


  1. What amazing progress! You must be so proud of yourself! I bet you walk by there many times a day just to stare at it and pat yourself on the back, lol (Goodness knows I do things like that)!


  2. Looks like you found a bed under everything as well???

    The labels I have on my boxes won't stick either! What a great idea to use the chalk paint! I'm going to mention it to hubby and have him pick some up on his way home!!

  3. That looks really wonderful. It does feel so nice to have it done and off of your mind.


  4. That's awesome, Roan! I actually LOVE doing this kind of thing. Cleaning out closets is my idea of fun! I find organization to be so calming.

    Thanks for the encouraging comment on my blog this morning!

  5. Good job! Love the ribbon organizer!

    Nice to know that I'm not the only one that wants to just sit and stare at a newly organized space after I finish working on it!

    Ya wanna come over and get my garage under control for me???

    I was "scheduled" to get that knocked out this week, but so far it hasn't happened. Maybe next week...

  6. You make me jealous. Not just that you are organized, but that you have such a big storage room. I keep telling myself if I had a big room, that I would be organized too. Great job! You inspire us all.

  7. Wow it looks awesome! I'm loving the wall of totes...looks so similar to mine. Definitely more functional for you now, great job!!

  8. Only 3 hours!! I can just say WOW! What an awesome space you now have. I am truly inspired.

  9. What a great room! I can't believe you did in 3 hours. I am truly inspired

  10. This looks amazing! Great work! I'm very impressed that it only took 3 hours. Congrats!

  11. isn't is really neat to find that it really doesn't take long to do those dreaded tasks if we just take the time to do them?? wow, could you follow that? Makes me feel like my middle boy - just rambling along until I run out of breath. HA HA
    I think you did a great job with a great room!

  12. WOW! That is all I can say! WOW! I love your crafting area, and your organized bins. I came over from OrgJunkie. Great post.

  13. Wow - nice job! I bet that feels amazing :)

  14. wow!! It looks like a total room makeover, not just a closet. You did an amazing job.