Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Contenders Campout

Last Friday Clay attended the biannual Contenders of the Faith Father and Son Campout. Clay eagerly anticipates this event every April and October. It is his chance to spend a couple of days surrounded by little boys and their daddies. Since Jimmy's schedule is so unpredictable, my daddy has happily agreed to accompany Clay on the last three campouts. If Jimmy is not on call, he is able to join them later on in the campout.
The mothers spend a lot of time preparing the men yummy camping food. They have a feast! Their camping supplies usually take up the whole back of the pick up truck.
This latest camping trip was a little different than the previous ones.....instead of camping on the ground in tents, the boys camped out on a houseboat! The older men slept inside the boat, and the young men slept up top on the deck.

Clay on the camping boat
Levi and Clay
Pops (my daddy) grilling their supper
Clay enjoying his supper
Clay and Pops--notice that Clay is wearing a bathing suit and has wet hair. He and the other boys had been swimming and fishing in the very cold water! The grown-ups were wisely dressed in long pants and jackets!
When Clay and Pops left Friday afternoon for the campout, Sam just cried and cried! He wanted to go so badly. I just couldn't let him go overnight on a boat. I do plan to let him go with the boys next fall. Happily, Saturday morning after the race Jimmy took Sam out to the houseboat for the day. Sam was estatic! When Jimmy told him it was time to go camping, he promptly handed me his pacifier and said, "Bye Mama!"
ready to go!
Jared and Sam
Jimmy said that Pops spent most of the day Saturday chasing Sam all around the boat. I heard that Sam was nonstop the entire time!
Here are some pictures of Sam and Pops:
Here is Sam helping Kelly drive the boat.

Brave little boys fishing in the cold water
Clay and Sam both had such a wonderful time with their daddy and Pops! Thank you to both of these very special men for providing them with such special memories! Sam has not stopped talking about going camping with Pops since he got home!


  1. How FUN. That Sam is a DOLL!

  2. Looks like they had a good time. Maybe in a couple of years Jackson and Jeff can join them....if our schedule has slowed down by then. :) Jordan and Aaron will be 18 and 14 by then, too old for Contenders!

  3. What a sweet memory your father helped to create for your son! I loved the pictures! Tell your father I think he's a great grandfather!!!

  4. Oh what a wonderful special time!

    I love the handing over of the paci and "Bye Mom" part. They grow up way too fast.