Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mims and Pops

The children and I made a spontaneous trip to visit my parents and my grandmother (who has been living with my parents for 8 weeks since she broke her foot) Sunday after church. We stayed for a couple of days. It proved to be a very restful little vacation. During our recent spring break we just worked so hard and were on the go every day. This gave the children two full days of absolute free time and rest. My mother taught Olivia and Julie how to crochet torn fabric strips. Please visit Olivia's blog for pictures of the results. Clay spent most of his time building with the thousands of legos my mother has saved from when my brothers were little. Leah and Sam just played with blocks, stickers, rocks, and various other fun toys. Sam also enjoyed playing with their dog Holly. Here are some pictures from our mini vacation.


  1. Yeah for Grandparents. I'm glad that you had some time to rest and relax. Wonderful pictures.


  2. Roan, I'm so happy you were able to get that time of rest! Now, do you think your parents would mind if I showed up with my kids? : )

  3. Roan,
    Looks like a nice time!

    It is so nice to get to hang out with family, and just relax!

    I have a curriculum question for you...

    What is your opinion (and your kid's opinions)of the Rosetta Stone curriculum? I am torn between doing that or doing the CoOp class in our city. My daughter, who is going to be in
    10th grade next year, may choose to return to the local Christian school that she has always attended for 11th and/or 12th grades, and I want to feel like she will be able to jump right into Spanish 2 or Spanish 3 if necessary.