Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

Yesterday we hosted our annual Easter Egg Hunt. We enjoyed around 100 guests for lunch and egg hunting. I hid 600 candy filled eggs early Saturday morning. For the egg hunt, we divide the children into two groups--older and younger. The younger children just pick up eggs scattered in the yard around the house. The older ones run all over the place searching for eggs in and around trees, bushes, the big grassy area out front and around the barn and fort. Almost all of the eggs are found, however, Jimmy will occasionally find one when he is mowing the yard. I even found a couple of eggs from years past when I was hiding this year's eggs.
Russ and Jimmy downloaded pictures from both of their cameras on our computer....therefore when I visited Megan's blog before posting on mine, I found that she had posted many of the very same pictures I had planned to put on my blog! You can visit Megan's blog too!

playing in the yard before the egg hunt
Clay and friends playing around
Olivia and friends enjoying lunch
Leah getting her basket ready
Ready, Set, Go!
Sam took his time hunting for eggs. As he found each egg, he would stop, open the egg, and eat the candy before looking for another egg.
Season and Megan enjoying the fun!
Julie and friends looking for eggs.
Sweet Leah and me
Season, Megan, and Russ

Jimmy and Granmomma


  1. Thanks for getting back to me Roan!

    Looks like you had a great time at your egg hunt!

    Your home is beautiful!