Friday, April 10, 2009

"Mama! It's Snowing Ice!"

We have had some weird weather today! My mama called me about noon to inquire about our local weather (we live 3 hours north of her). I told her it was warm, beautiful, and sun-shiny....the little children had been outside playing all morning. She told me that their weather man informed them of stormy weather in our area. She knew that I would not have the TV on, so she wanted to make sure that I knew. I assured her that it did not even look like rain here.
About five minutes later, in a matter of seconds, our weather went from bright sunshine to a dark sky and major hailstorm!
Did we run to the basement for protection? No! I grabbed my camera, and the children all went running outside to catch some "sky ice". Sam excited told me, "Mama! It's snowing ice!"

I later turned on the TV for a weather report. We were under a tornado warning for brief time. We ate our lunch in the basement, but within 30 minutes the sun was out again.

Weird weather!


  1. It was crazy! We were driving home from Chattanooga and had to go through it! We have been gone all week and just got home... we will not be able to come tomorrow; I am sorry, and I hope y'all have fun!

  2. Mark was right in the middle of it, working to get power restored to the Sherman/Macedonia area. Must've done some damage somewhere b/c he's STILL at work! Glad you guys didn't end up in Oz!