Thursday, May 29, 2008

Major Move

Yesterday I began the daunting task of moving Clay and Sam into a bedroom together. Clay has had his own room upstairs, and Sam has lived in our room since he was born--first in a crib, and now in a twin mattress and box springs that sits in the corner of our bedroom. Sam's bed is actually a formality however, because he ends up in our bed with his face in my hair every night. I know I will be fetching him from upstairs in the middle of the night, every night, but it's OK. He may even decide to climb into bed with Clay!

We have spacious playroom upstairs that I am converting to the boys' bedroom. Before doing anything else, I had to clean out the playroom closet and bookshelves. I spent hours in there, putting each little lego, tinker toy, Barbie shoe, train track etc. back into its box. I keep most of our toys in labeled plastic boxes on shelves. I took out all of the "girl" boxes and divided them among the girls' rooms. I chose many items to give away, and I had 2 trash bags. Then I moved all of the dress up items (a whole closet full), board games, and videos into Clay's old room which is becoming the new "playroom". It really will be more of an upstairs den. I will be placing the couch, coffee table, chair, ottoman, keyboard and TV from the old playroom in there. We did move Clay's bed into the new bedroom yesterday. Clay actually took off the headboard so we could move it and then reattached it all by himself. I didn't hear a crash last night, so I guess he did an adequate job.

I plan to finish the task tonight and tomorrow. I have to clean out 6, yes 6 junk drawers of Clay's plus find a home for all of the junk I found on his closet floor and on his bookshelves.

We have a FUN FAMILY DAY planned for today. I'll post pictures and comments soon.

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  1. Roan,
    You are so organized! I was just wondering if you got my e-mail about July? Have a great day!