Friday, May 16, 2008

Just a Few Pictures

Jimmy and Sam
This was taken a couple of months ago, and I have ALREADY FORGOTTEN what happened to Sam's face! (That's why I am blogging!)

Julie, Olivia, Jimmy and Clay before the Coke 10K.
I guess Clay didn't know I was taking his picture. Or maybe he is focusing on the race!

Sam and Leah eating popsicles on the back porch.
Why the life jacket on the back porch??? Well, we have a pool, and I am petrified that one of my little children will drown. The pool has an automatic pool cover. It opens and closes with the touch of a button (after entering the security code) up high in the laundry room inside the house. My policy is that I don't open the pool until Sam has on his life jacket, and I don't take his jacket off until the pool is closed. We did the same when Leah was 2 and 3. I don't take any chances!

Olivia, Jimmy and Julie before the Gum Tree 10K

Jimmy and Roan
The wind was blowing pretty hard in this picture, but pictures of Mama and Daddy are few and far between, so this was the best one I could find. Jimmy is our main family photographer (thank you Jimmy!), so we don't have many pictures of him!


  1. Roan, I could just kick myself! I have met your hubby in the hospital when I was working as a nurse! I didn't realize you were married to THE Dr.Johnson. LOL! Oh, I know he doesn't remember me but I always loved his sweet bedside manner and now I know why. He's a Christian. How wonderful! And now to think how his wife has such a sweet and humble spirit. I guess it takes one to put up with a cardiologist, huh? Just kidding! LOL

  2. Oh, I forgot! Now, I've been having this little tickle in my throat and my chest feels like.....just kidding again. I bet you guys get that all the time! LOL!