Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Driveway Pictures

This is the BEFORE picture of our driveway. The gravel had been scraped off and the road graded.
Clay and Sam playing in the dirt pile. This is our last load of dirt. No more dump trucks now that we have a nicely paved driveway. Jimmy plans to build something to contain this dirt....a "dirt box".
Here are the men busy at work. Like I said earlier, this was major entertainment for Sam as well as all of us!
This is after one coat of asphalt. My next pictures will be of the final product.


  1. Looks good! Have Jimmy take a picture of you rollerblading on your new driveway! I think we all want to see that (he he).

  2. Wow! Now, that's a driveway!

  3. On second thought, that's not a driveway, that's a street! LOL