Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sleeping Sam!

Sam has slept all night in his own bed for 4 nights now! I have been apprehensive about leaving him overnight tomorrow, but now that he has shown me that he can sleep without me, I am less worried. I know that he will be fine, but I also know that I will miss him terribly. Of course I will miss all of my delightful children, but this is my first time away from Sam. Amazing how the 5th child can be as hard to leave as the 1st! I do love my sweet children so much. I guess that since we spend most of our waking hours together, it makes the separation that much harder. I am praying over and over again for their safety and happiness while I am gone. I also pray that I will not be so concerned about them that I cannot enjoy myself!

We have changed our plans for the weekend for Jimmy and the children. Instead of keeping them here at home and running in the race in New Albany Saturday with their cross country team, Jimmy is taking them to spend the night at my parents' house (3 hours away). They will run in a 5K race there Saturday morning. My parents are looking forward to cheering them on. Hopefully being at Mims and Pops's house will serve as a pleasant distraction to Sam. We should all arrive home around the same time Saturday afternoon. It won't be a minute too soon.
Can you tell that I am nervous about being gone?

We had a fun, but tiring (for me) cross country practice this afternoon. I ran with some of the kids, and they ran a faster pace than what I usually do. They worked me hard! Jimmy was able to come and run too, and my sweet friend Liesa, and some of the other mothers, watched Leah and Sam for us so we didn't have to push the stroller. After practice the whole team and some of the parents went to the local Mexican restaurant for supper. It was a lot of fun! The children had a fabulous time.

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