Monday, September 22, 2008

Menu Monday

I am going to copy my Farm Wife friend and list my menu for this week. With piano then running on Mondays and cross country practice Tuesday-Friday afternoons, I have begun to rely heavily on my crock pot and leftovers. I prefer to use my crock pot in cooler weather, but unless I want to cook supper at 2:00 and reheat it later (which I have done sometimes) or cook when we get home and eat at 7:30 (which I have also done), I have got to start using the crock pot more often.

  • Monday: leftovers (we have grilled hamburgers and chicken)
  • Tuesday: Crock Pot--roast with carrots, potatoes and onions, green beans
  • Wednesday: Crock Pot--Creamy Italian chicken served over pasta
  • Thursday--eat out with the cross country team after practice
  • Friday: spaghetti (thawed and heated from the freezer)
  • Saturday: frozen pizza
  • Sunday: Crock Pot--Mexican chicken--to be used for nachos or soft tacos


  1. Don't forget that baked potatoes are great in the crockpot. Make another crock pot with chili--double or quadruple for the freezer--have a salad ready in the fridge and you have a great fall supper.

    Happy first day of fall...Aaron checked it actually begins at 12:44 central time.


  2. Hi Roan!

    When you have time, I'd love to see the Creamy Italian Chicken recipe. Sounds like something we'd really like.