Wednesday, September 10, 2008


The children and I eat ALL of our meals together. Jimmy joins us for supper if he gets home in time and on his days off. Since we spend so much time together throughout the day, I don't feel like I have to make meal time "family time" know where you enjoy your meal with meaningful conversation....we have conversation all day long! So, for most breakfasts and lunches, the older children read while they eat. Other times they quiz each other using our placemats and sometimes we do have mealtime conversation, but mostly they like to read (books, catalogs, magazines, etc.). Sam has picked up on this and yesterday morning I found him "reading" a running magazine while he was eating. He was very serious about this reading!

Leah likes to "read" to Sam. On this particular occasion, she was reading to him about the animals in this book, quizzing him to see if he knew their names. They also discussed whether each animal was "scary"! They sat here for quite a while, and Sam even "read" some books aloud too. I love my little readers!

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  1. that's so sweet!!
    Amanda used to "read" to me when we were little! :)