Monday, March 30, 2009

It Runs in the Family!

Running, that is! As I was running today, the thought popped into my head that a whole lot of my family members (and real life friends too) are runners! How exciting is that? While we seldom, if ever, actually run together, I still feel the companionship.
Here is the roster.....if the person's name appears in a different color, you can click on their name and visit their blog. If I left out a family member or friend, please leave me a comment....and please forgive me!

1. Mary Margaret (sister in law)--she has been running much longer than I have!
2. Amanda (sister in law)--she and my brother Rhett have been running for a while now. They also have 2 small children to push in a jogging stroller.
3. Megan (sister in law)--the newest running member of the family! Megan is training with her husband Russ, Jimmy's brother.
4. Jenny (sister in law)--she has been running for a little while now too.
5. My daddy--we gave Daddy running shoes and a book about beginning to run after the age of 50 for Christmas. He started his walking program immediately! I am so proud of him. He is jogging some now too, and he hopes to complete a 5K this summer.
6. Leanna (cousin in law)--I am not sure that she has gotten back to running after the birth of her 4th baby, but she was running before she got pregnant.
7. Stacee (cousin in law)--she ran the Race For the Cure with me, and we both ran the St. Jude Half Marathon. She and her husband Mark will be joining Olivia for the Country Music City Half Marathon in April
8. Lynn (friend)--she began running last fall, and completed her 2nd 5K last Saturday. Lynn, Megan, Jenny, and I are all running a 5K on April 18th.
9. Heather (friend)--has run the longest of us all! She is almost a professional! She ran cross country in college, and is currently the coach of our homeschool cross country team, the Spartans.
10. Lindsay (friend)--another new runner, but she is doing great!
11. Julie (friend)--I met Julie last fall. Her children run with the Spartans too. Julie has probably been running longer than I have too.

I would love to add you to this list of family and friends who run! Join us!


  1. Thanks for including me in your friends who run list. I would like to clarify that I mostly walk although I am trying harder this year than I ever have before. Hopefully, soon I will consider myself a runner. Love your blog.

  2. I'm not a real life friend, but one of the things that drew me to your blog is that your family runs cross country.

    Since our some of our children are still small (nearly 1, 2,4,and 5), I generally just walk with the stroller or only run a mile when Mark comes with us. All of our other kids run cross country.

    Do you run by yourself or with your children? I'm trying to figure how to fit it into my day better.


  3. Really neat to see everyone listed like that! I didn't know that Jenny ran. That's great! Kelly and I ran 3 miles this afternoon. We are both very sore! I also registerd online for Mansion 5K and Coca Cola 10K!

  4. Hey Roan! I've been a lurker on your blog for a while but now it's time for me to come out and say hi! I got the link to your blog from a friend of mine who is a friend of Leslie that goes to ya'lls church. Does that make any sense? I love your blog and your daily encouragement. I'm a runner too. I'm running in Columbus this weekend, the Mansion 5k, and then the Nashville half at the end of the month. Having a full running calendar makes me happy! :) I've rambled on long enough but I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Amber. My husband and I live in Mooreville and we homeschool our 6 kids. Again, I love your blog, it's been a tremendous blessing to me!