Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March's Organization Assignment

This month's assignment is organizing your memorabilia/photos. I am really looking forward to this one, because I already have a plan, and now I have the motivation to complete it. I will be focusing mostly on the photo part of this assignment. I really don't have a lot of memorabilia. I have a large plastic box for each child in my storage room where I keep their important mementos. After I finish organizing my photos, I will tackle any further memorabilia that I may find as I am cleaning out.

My photo plan:

1. Remove all photos from photo albums (I have about 5-6 of these).

2. Sort these photos and the hundreds of other photos (maybe thousands!) that I have stored in a large plastic box by year.

3. Store sorted photos in photo safe/acid free photo boxes that I have purchased from Hobby Lobby when they were half price. They are actually half price again this week, so I may go ahead and buy a few more. I will file these photos by the year that they were taken.

That's it! A simple plan, but one that will require a good bit of time. Fortunately, this is a task that can be worked on in short spurts of time.

After the photos are nicely organized, it will be so much easier to scrapbook!

How will you organize your photos?

Visit I'm an Organizing Junkie for more photo organization tips.


  1. I will probably get 5 boxes... one for each child and one for the family album. Then, I will sort the pictures I have developed in chronological order. I will leave a divider/section when I come to a place where I know I want to make a scrapbook page, but the pictures are still on my computer... that way, I will remember which pics I need developed when I pull the box out to scrapbook.

  2. I have been storing my photos in these boxes for years. BUT I do have albums still with photos in that we never look at. Maybe I should take them apart and put them in the boxes as well.
    Another thing to do is get all the pictures on my computer saved onto CD's. You never know when your computer is going to stop working and there go years of photos!!! Thanks for the reminder!

  3. I am a scrapbook junkie and have all my pictures up to date. I am sure this is unusual, but I cannot stand to get too far behind. Kirsten just turned 11 and I have completed 13 full scrapbooks of her life and started her 14th. Alec is almost 9 and I have 8 full albums for him and started his 9th album. I also have separate vacation albums that cover the hundreds of pictures that I take on vacation each year.

  4. Thumbs up for having a plan, yay!! Can't wait to see how you make out.

    Good luck!