Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Karyoke With the Claytons!

Last week we had the Clayton family over for supper and singing.......on the wii. We had such a fun time! Josh, the Clayton's only child who still lives here in town, previously told us that he would be glad to watch all of us sing, but that he would not be participating! Well, he certainly changed his mind! He was a champion singer! He knew most of the songs, and he knew them well. He also seemed to really enjoy himself. While the rest of us calmly sat on the couch or on the floor while singing, Josh stood up and performed! What entertainment! After an hour or so of taking turns singing or battling in pairs, we had an Americn Idol tournament. After the first round, Simon, Paula, and Randy chose Olivia and me to battle it out as the final two contestants. Josh chose our songs....songs that he knew we didn't know or had never sung! After the final competition, Olivia was crowned the winner!!It was a great night!

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