Thursday, March 19, 2009

Woo! Hoo! Spring Break!

We just finished school and are out for out spring break! As Sam would say, "Hippie! Hooray!" We worked really hard this week and finished today instead of tomorrow. Tomorrow is a Home Ec day. For most of the day! We are hosting a bridal shower Saturday morning, and my house needs some serious deep cleaning!
Jimmy is off all next week, and we have a lot planned to do: clean out our storage room, clean out the garage, work in the yard, take a day trip to Memphis, and maybe even relax!


  1. Yay for y'all! Hope you all have a great Spring Break!

  2. FUN!!! All that cleaning does not sound like break to me! Ha! In another year, you can just visit US on that day trip to Memphis!! :)