Sunday, March 1, 2009

Blog Makeover!

Thanks so much to Leelou at Leeloublogs for helping me with my blog makeover. I have been wanting to switch to a 3 column layout for some time now. I wasn't sure what that would involve, so when Leelou added some free 3 column layouts to her site, I decided to try one out and just see what happened. Well, I have tried and tried to change my background for over a week, with no success! I kept getting some sort of blogger error code. It was very frustrating! Julie changed her background with no problem, so I knew the error was unique to my blog. I emailed Leelou, and she quickly took care of my problem!
I have been using Leelou background layouts for several months now, and I have been very pleased with her selections. I even bought one of the premade layouts for my Christmas blog background.
If you need a cute blog facelift, visit Leeloublogs.


  1. Love Love!!! Did you still lose your blog list?

  2. Roan can you send me the link to the 3 column blogs? I can't find them on LeeLou's site.

  3. Looks very nice!! Love the 3 columns. Were you able to keep your old blog content?