Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Break Friday and Saturday

Yesterday we traveled to Memphis after lunch. We visited the Children's Museum as soon as we arrived in town. The children all had a wonderful time. The museum always has a "new" traveling exhibit. This time it was a China exhibit. Leah enjoyed make believe cooking in this exhibit with her sisters. I think Sam's favorite part was the Home Building area. He played there for about an hour. He really likes tools!
Here are some highlights.

After the museum we ate supper then went to my favorite store, Target. It is always fun for the whole family to go to Target (we don't have one in our area). I bought a new purse! I have been needing a new purse for some time now. I wanted one big enough to carry all of my stuff, and I wanted lots of pockets both inside and out.

Today was our first race of the season, the Pontotoc Ridge Run 5K. Julie, Clay, and I participated. Jimmy, Olivia, Leah, and Sam watched and cheered us all on. Jimmy and Olivia are training for the Country Music City Marathon (Jimmy) and Half Marathon (Olivia) on April 25, so they did not race today. Instead, this afternoon they ran their long runs for this week's training. Jimmy ran 23.6 miles, and Olivia ran 11.6 miles.

At the race Jimmy took numerous pictures!  But they are on our new computer, and I cannot figure out how to make each picture a smaller file so it won't take all night to upload them!  I will add them to this post hopefully the meantime, visit Lynn's blog for a few pictures of the rainy day.  

This was an exciting day for the children because many of their Spartan (homeschool cross country team) team mates ran in the race too. They all had such a fun time!

My dear friend Lynn ran too! I was so proud of her. This was only her second 5K race, and she did great! She ran 2 minutes faster than her first 5K! Her whole family was there to cheer her on, and welcome her across the finish line. She even won a medal!

Two years ago the Ridge Run was my very first 5K. I had just begun running/walking, and I was pushing Leah and Sam (then 3 and 1) in the double jogging stroller. My time at that very first 5K race was 38 minutes. Then last year in the same race my time was 26:14. This year my time was 25:58! I was so happy! That is my second best 5K time ever! (My PR is 25:33). This is a very hilly course. It has a few long hills, and the last big hill is at the end of the race. This race course is also used for another 5K race that we run in August, so this is actually my 5th time to run this course. It is much more pleasant in March than August!

Julie won 1st place in the Women's 10-14, Clay won 3rd place in the Men's 10-14 (his first time to compete in this age group), and I won 1st place in the Women's 35-39! Hippee! Hooray! (as Sam says!) Julie was also the 2nd overall female finisher! Go Julie!


  1. Congratulations on the race! I love the new purse too. Did you check your schedules for June 13th?

  2. Y'all should call next time you are this close....we would love to see you. Congrats on the race!