Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Today's Christmas Tips

1. Begin wrapping the gifts you have purchased. Try to wrap three presents a day. Stack them where you were storing them and add bows when you are ready to put them under the tree.

2. It's time to work on your Christmas cards. If you are using boxed cards you need to begin signing them (hopefully you bought them last year after Christmas when they were 75% off!). If you are sending photo cards, plan what your children will wear and take the picture. It usually takes us more than one session to get the "perfect" photo. I plan to take the first pictures this Saturday. The next time you are near the post office, buy your Christmas stamps.


  1. Did you know that you can order your stamps online, and the post office only charges $1 for delivery? For me, it's well worth the $1. Love the tips! Keep them coming! I think I'll take your advice and start wrapping my gifts today.

  2. 1. Yay!!! I've been waiting on someone to tell me it's OKAY to go ahead an know that's my favorite part! Ha! I'll have to start tomorrow though. Still putting up decorations right now. Let's see...3 presents a day for 30 days = 90 presents. SURELY, that will cover everything!! Ha!

    2. I ordered my Christmas cards Tuesday! Right on schedule.