Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Time for School!

It is 8:48 a.m. Breakfast is hot and ready, my Bible lesson for the day is ready, our schoolwork is all planned and ready........and I am ready! But where are my children??? They are all in the yard trying to rescue a poor cat (not our cat)! We heard a huge commotion of barking dogs a little while ago, and when the children investigated, they found our three outside dogs barking their heads off at the cat they had treed. The petrified cat tries to come down the tree, only to be pounced on by Lucky, our rather large black dog. So back up the tree the cat goes.....and the barking resumes. The kids are out there with ham and leashes, trying to entice the dogs to come inside (great!--they are so clean!!), so they can get the cat down and to safety. I am sure they would like for this cat to become our pet, but I am also sure that if the cat ever gets out of the tree safely, he will bolt from our property, never to return!
I am off to check on their progress.....breakfast is getting cold.

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