Monday, November 24, 2008

Funny Leah!

Tonight at the supper table we were all sitting around talking about nothing in particular. Out of the blue Leah said, "You have to be careful not to step on a rusty nail because it could pork your skin, and then you would have to go to the hospital and get a flu shot!"
We all just laughed and laughed! Leah uses the word "pork" for "poke" all the time. As in, "This tag is porking me!" or "Those rocks are porking my feet!"
Funny Leah!

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  1. Roan,

    This made me laugh! My Rachel does just the opposite. She can't say the "r", so she says things like "cone dog" and "mo cone (more corn), please".

    Don't you love little ones???

    Have a great day!