Friday, July 25, 2008

The Week in Review

What a week this has been! My parents kept the four older children all week (thank you Mama and Daddy!) while Sam and I got ready for school! This is how most of the week went--I would work on something for 1-2 minutes, then I would play with Sam. Next I would get him interested in a toy or activity, and he would happily play for 1-2 minutes while I worked a little bit more, then he would need me again. When he grew tired of playing alone (and I think he tried out every single activity in my schoolroom closet!) I held him while I worked--I laminated, made copies, typed lesson plans, cleaned out drawers and closets with Sam on my hip. However, little by little I got almost everything done! I completely cleaned out my schoolroom, organized all of the books in our house, put together 10 binders with laminated dividers for the children's schoolwork, completed one year's worth of history lesson plans for Clay and science plans for Julie and Clay, made the year's plans for writing for all three children including their daily writing plans for August and September, made lesson plans for Olivia's and Julie's history for August and September, created timeline pages for all three for their history notebooks, made some really cute placemats (a post on that will follow), shopped for school supplies, copied Clay's spelling CD to his iPod, hung new posters on the wall, and I think that is all. What I have left to do is to make a list of science supplies and purchase what I need, type the clues for our annual back to school scavenger hunt, and plan Leah's preschool time. I plan to work on the preschool some tonight. I basically do the same thing for all of my children at age four, I just need to type up some specific plans for Leah.


  1. I need your focus and determination! I just can't get moving!!