Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Another Fun Boat Day

Jimmy was off work today, so we packed up and headed to Bay Springs.

After riding around for a little while we dropped anchor and enjoyed a picnic lunch on the boat. As soon as everyone was through eating, the children were ready to swim in the lake. They love swimming in that lake! They play on the tube, jumping in and out of it and just swimming all around. Today Sam decided that he wanted to swim too--but with Mama. So I jumped in the lake too.

All of us swimming around.

I found out that Olivia and Julie do not let their feet and legs hang down in the lake water! They keep their legs horizontally in front of or behind them at all times. They are concerned about the murky water......what might be down there!

After swimming around for a little while the children were ready to tube. Clay went first, followed by Leah and Julie together (for about 1 minute--Leah was ready to get out), then Olivia.

After one last swimming session we rode back to the dock and headed home.Boat Hair!

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  1. Cute! Looks like ya'll had a really fun day! Wesley loves going out in the boat when we are at my parents. Hope to see ya'll soon!