Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Car Games

I just found this great website, Momsminivan. It is full of fun ideas to make car travel more fun. I am printing out the printable games and putting them into a folder for each child for our upcoming trip to Seaside, FL. I am also putting together a little bag of various toys, games, paper, pens, etc. for each child. This will be our longest car trip ever with 5 children--8 hours. Usually if we are traveling long distances we fly. We have decided to leave early Sunday morning and make the trip in one day. We plan to stop in Birmingham for church services, and then head on to Seaside. I can't wait for the beach!!

Olivia is sewing little bags for the all of the children to collect seashells in. Julie is making journals for each child. Julie keeps a journal for all of our vacations. When we went to San Francisco last summer, Olivia and Julie made surprise vacation scrapbooks for each other. They had such fun working on them!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new blog template!!!!

  2. Roan,
    I hope ya'll have a wonderful time on your trip. We are leaving today too. Thanks for the link to the car games, we are excited about starting journals on this trip. I listed your blog page on mine(I hope that is ok) so other friends can read it too! Have a great week!