Monday, July 14, 2008

Seaside Day 2

Everyone headed to the beach about 10:00 this morning. It was overcast, and the ocean was full of green algae and jellyfish! Sam and Leah lasted about 15 minutes! They were both hot and they were hesitant to get in the green water. So after making a few pictures Jimmy and I took Leah and Sam to the pool. They happily played until lunch. After lunch Sam took a 3 hour nap (very unusual for him), and I slept some of that time with him. All of the other children came to the house for a quick lunch and then headed to the pool. After spending some time in the pool, they walked around the town and then went back to the beach until suppertime. I have had a relaxing time so far---just cooking, reading, and playing in the pool with Leah and Sam. The children say that the water is already clearing up. I plan to take Leah and Sam back to the beach tomorrow to see if they like it any better. If not, we will be hanging out at the pool!

While I was running this morning Sam fell on the stairs and busted his chin. Since Jimmy (a doctor), Russ (a doctor in training) and Jenny (a nurse) all assured me that he didn't need stitches, I guess I will believe them!

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  1. Hey guys! Looks like fun! I hope the water clears up before you leave. That happens certain times of the year or when a storm blows through. Watch the jelly fish,... they hurt! Cya when we get back to Tupelo. Kelly