Friday, July 11, 2008

Julie's 11th Birthday Party

Tomorrow is Julie's 11th birthday. She had a small party today to celebrate. I took 7 girls out for lunch and then to a movie. Julie tells all about it on her blog. Tomorrow we will celebrate the big day with our family. Typically on our children's birthdays we spend the whole day together--Jimmy takes off work for each child's birthday. The morning begins with present opening followed by the birthday child's request for breakfast. Julie requested Hungry Jack pancakes. We usually take them out for lunch or supper at the restaurant of their choice, and just spend the day doing whatever they would like to do. Since we are leaving for vacation early Sunday morning, some of tomorrow's activities will include packing. My girls always get new clothes and accessories for their American Girl dolls for their birthdays, so for part of the day Julie and Olivia will be playing dolls, I'm sure.

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