Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Seaside Day 3

Today began with Sam eating a pop-tart....but he wasn't sure exactly how to eat one! I guess it has been a long time since I have bought pop-tarts (and Jenny brought these). He sat there licking the top of it and then putting it down for several minutes. Then he said, "I'm done." I looked at his plate and saw that he hadn't eaten one bite. That's when I realized that he didn't know what to do with it. I broke the pop-tart into little pieces, and he gobbled it up in no time. Now he was ready for a day at the beach!

We arrived at the beach again today at 10:00. Unbelievably the water was greener than the previous day. It looked like thick green soup. It was really disgusting. Leah and Sam lasted one hour today playing in the sand before they began complaining that they were hot. They were afraid to get in the green water to cool off. So we headed to the pool. Leah, Sam, Jimmy, Megan and I stayed at the pool until lunchtime. Leah and Sam napped for a little while after lunch, so I joined Megan back at the pool for some quiet time. We read our Karen Kingsbury books and observed the crowd. All of the children came to the pool later that afternoon and we swam for quite a while.

Sam digging in the sand--notice the blue Seaside shirt...we bought it for him the night before, and he liked it so much that he slept in it and wore it most of the day.

Russ ran with Jimmy, Olivia, Julie and Clay for a couple of days. Here they are ready to go!
Leah and Sam played in the gravel in front of and around our house looking for seashells.
Sam's blue Seaside shirt had to be washed!

The sisters-in-law...Jenny, Megan, Me

Will, ready for our walk to town

The whole crew!