Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July

It has become a tradition to invite Jimmy's parents, his sister Jenny and her family (Jeff, Will, Seth, Grace), his brother Russ and his wife (Megan) and Scott and Barbara Doles (dear friends of ours) and their children (Carrie Ann and fiance Ray and Jonathan) to cook out with us on the 4th of July. As usual we had lots of food, fun, and fellowship. Here are some highlights of the evening.

While I was grilling, Julie, Olivia, Jonathan, and Scott are playing cards.

Here is Barbara checking out my blog.

Ray and Carrie Ann

Russ and Megan, Roan and Jimmy

Pop with his sons

Granmomma and Olivia

Grace, Ellie (Will's friend), Will, and Seth

Julie and Seth eating homemade ice cream

Doesn't Seth's haircut look great? :)

Sam after eating his ice cream YUM!

Clay provided musical entertainment after our meal. He sang karyoke style, Oh My Darling, Clementime. He was accompanied by the keyboard. Julie also entertained us with two selections on the harmonica.

Grace and Leah playing dress up

We ended the evening by watching Jimmy and Russ present a spectacular fireworks show. Sam fell asleep during the festivities. Everyone went home except Seth, Russ, and Megan who all spent the night. We stayed up till past midnight visiting. It was a fun day!