Thursday, July 17, 2008

Seaside Day 4

This morning the water was finally clear. Leah and Sam stayed at the beach for 3 hours.

After lunch we drove to Destin to check out the outlet mall. I shopped a little bit (I always love the Carter's outlet store), and then we ate an early supper before heading back to the beach house. Clay went to the beach one last time that day with Russ, Will, and Seth. Next we all got ready for our beach pictures scheduled for 7:00. When we were finished taking pictures, we all walked to the town center for one last shopping visit to the Seaside Store. Then, everyone but Jimmy, Sam and me went out for a late dinner. Sam was exhausted, so I put him to bed and Jimmy and I packed almost everything. We wanted to have time the next morning to take the children to the beach one last time before our 11:00 check out.

Here are some pictures from the restaurant in Destin.

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