Thursday, January 17, 2013

We're Home From Disney World!

In case you have wondered why I haven't been blogging in over a week.....we have spent the last week in Disney World!  It was a fantastic week of fun!  We joined Lynn and Kelly and their children, Esther and Greg and their children and Heather (for 4 days) in sunny Orlando.  Six, sometimes seven adults and sixteen children!  Yes, we were continually counting heads, and twice we were called The Duggars. 

While we were there, Lynn and I ran the Disney Marathon, and Jimmy, Heather, and Esther ran the Goofy Challenge--which is running the Half Marathon on one day and then running the Marathon the next day--39.3 miles in two days!  Goofy!

I plan to blog later all about our fabulous trip and the races, but for now here are a few photos.  I just finished downloading over 500 pictures from the trip.  Don't worry, I am not going to share all of them!

 Me and Lynn during the marathon.  See Cinderella's castle in the background?

Jimmy's cousins, Stacee and Leanna, joined Heather, Esther, and Jimmy for the Half Marathon.

 Jimmy and Heather after finishing the Goofy Challenge
They each got three huge medals and three cool shirts for completing this challenge.

 Our children at the Magic Kingdom

 The while crew at Hollywood Studios

 The children in the lobby of our hotel

 Our family at Epcot

 Our children with Goofy

 Meeting Mickey

 Chatting with Minnie

The entire family!

We left 80 degrees and bright sunshine and were welcomed with 30 degrees and icy rain/sleet/snow!  What a change in the weather!  

I let the kids sleep late today, but we are still doing school.  And laundry.  We unpacked yesterday, so that's behind us.

It was a magical trip!

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